Kelly Green: Garden Queen

Kelly Green: Garden Queen

Arrange floral bouquets with your own creative flair
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Join in the fun as Kelly's hippie brother and other quirky relatives pitch in to help in the garden. City gal Kelly has abandoned the concrete jungle for a budding organic nursery in Kelly Green Garden Queen. As the phone rings wildly and a variety of customers drop in, Kelly's small town life proves anything but dull. Arrange floral bouquets with your own creative flair, bribe a demanding businesswoman with lemonade, or wow the local farmer with an array of 20 different plants. Do you have what it takes to expand the nursery from a few pots to a large and thriving oasis? Can you withstand new challenges as your nursery changes with each season? Customize your plot as you select from 50 garden gadgets to purchase and arrange as you wish on a zoomable screen.Kelly Green - Garden Queen is a nice time-management game in which you must help Kelly with her garden and satisfy all her clients. All levels have a certain goal that you must reach in order to get to the next one. The mechanism is simple, you just have to answer the calls to take the orders, then sow and grow the plants requested, and finally sell them to the customers. You first start with a modest garden with only a few plants, but as you progress you can have a great variety of items to sell. All customers have different patience levels, so you must be quick in order to keep them happy and get more money. Some of the customers may even order bouquets that you have to carefully elaborate specially for them.

There are certain pests that may destroy your garden, so you must take precautions and be always alert in case they appear.
Unfortunately, the game only includes one mode, but there are plenty of things to do, so you can never get bored. Regarding the graphics, they are very colorful and attractive. Also, sound effects and music contribute to creating the perfect atmosphere for this type of game.
In short, Kelly Green - Garden Queen is just another time-management game with a gardening theme that definitely deserves a try.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Lots of plants to grow
  • Really fast-paced
  • Nice graphics


  • Repetitive music
  • Only one mode
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